2105 S State St, Chicago, IL 60616

Inside ReggiesCapacity: 111

Age Limit: 21+

Alcohol: Yes

Food: Yes, American Traditional

Booking Information: brendan@reggieslive.com, elle@reggieslive.com

Contact Information: (312) 949-0120

Description: Reggies is a classic, old-school rock club. Seeing a show here, it is reminiscent of the days when the next big name got there by way of venues like this. Yes, but don’t let that fool you. If you’re looking for up-and-coming bands in the Chicago area, this is where to do it. Although Reggies is often referred to as “Reggies Rock Club”, it is home to Jazz, Blues, Reggae,  and Jam performances, all of which are worth seeing. With more than 250 shows every year, it is not hard to find the time to get out and check it out, it is highly recommended.

Reggies is not only a music joint, its a restaurant and bar! With their “comfort food” menu and full bar, featuring more than 70 beers, Reggies has a bit of everything. Not to mention, there are 17 flat screens for any game you could want to see as well as a dog friendly patio for all the animal lovers.

Reggies is doing their job as a music venue, giving the fan an intimate experience, food, drink and all around entertainment. It’s venues like this that really drive America’s local music scenes and for that, it is a Who’s the Band Favorite. Get out, see a good show, have a good time, and support the local music scene at Reggies.

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