3509 Lemp Ave. Saint Louis, MO. 63118

Off BroadwayCapacity: 150

Age: 21

Alcohol: Yes

Food: Occasional Catering

Booking Information: stevepohlman@yahoo.com

Contact Information: offbroadwaystlinfo@gmail.com

Description: Off Broadway is a mid to small-sized music venue, but don’t let its’ size tell you anything. It features high ceilings, a balcony, an outdoor seating area, and some of the best local brews in Saint Louis. Off Broadway has, also, been voted the best music venue in Saint Louis by Riverfront Times, STL Magazine, and on Yelp.

Andrew Belle performing at Off Broadway in St. Louis

Andrew Belle performing at Off Broadway in St. Louis

Off Broadway hosts some of the best local music in the Saint Louis area and is a prominent name when talking about local music scene promoters. Although it is small, the acoustics are unbeatable and it would be a lie if someone said the experience was not intimate (mind out of the gutter). At Who’s the Band, we love this! Smaller venues like this are where dedicated fans are born to up-and-coming bands and musicians. This, just one of the many ways, Off Broadway shares our beliefs: musicianship should be considered a profession. Not a hobby.



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