The Pageant6161 Delmar Blvd. Saint Louis, MO. 63112

Capacity: 1,000-2,300

Age Limit: 21 and up

Alcohol: Yes

Food: Pre-packaged Snacks

Booking Information:

Contact Information: 314-726-6161, or Halo Bar: 314-726-1414

Description: Opening its doors in 2000, The Pageant has grown to be a staple in the St. Louis music scene. Hosting bands of all sizes, and from all over the country, it has built a reputation that exceeds its age, in terms of maturity, as a music venue.

Located on the Delmar Loop, The Pageant got its name from an old movie theater, “The Pageant Theater”, which stood a few blocks from The Pageant we know today. “The Pageant Theater”, established in 1915, was the first theater to feature stadium style seating in St. Louis, which The Pageant liked, hence the exciting and intimate layout. The Pageant mastered this arrangement, preventing anybody from being more than 70 feet away from the stage! The Pageant’s intimate environment allows, not only, fans to feel more connected with their band, but vice-versa. Many people don’t realize that musicians love to connect with their fans in smaller venues like this! Surely, a big reason The Pageant gets so many great bands and musicians.

the-pageant     The vibe, walking in, is almost historic, like that of an old theater. However, the decor and seating arrangement is quite modern, providing a sleek, artistic environment. Great, not only, for putting on an epic show, but for socializing as well. While, it is not recommended to sit during a show (ever…), there  are tables and bars to set your drink on, a commodity that is severely lacking in many music venues. Plus, for us true fans, who are there an hour or two early, it’s nice having a place to talk and get hyped for the show with your friends. The Pageant’s main concert hall, depending on the event, features a Halo Bar. The Halo Bar guarantees the fan an intimate experience, as well as the band. Of course, The Pageant has a wet bar, and a merchandise shop.

The PAgeant 2     The Pageant has been the host of many great shows, big names and small. The first year they opened, both, the Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age preformed. Since, the venue has seen everyone from Steve Vai, to Meghan Trainor. The Pageant never became exclusive to big names, which is awesome! It is so refreshing to see musicians being supported for their talents. The Pageant will forever be an icon in the St. Louis music scene, as well as the global music scene.


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